Sunstone Integrative Healing - Emily B.

Hi I’m Emily!
I’m a Denver, Colorado based energy healing facilitator, practiced intuitive guide, and full-time student studying Integrative Healthcare at Metropolitan State University to step fully into my passion for holistic healing.
I have been utilizing energy healing as a tool for the past 3 years which has deeply impacted my life in many potent ways from maintaining my mental health to deepening my connection with my human experience.
I am also a tarot/oracle reader that acts as a conduit for connection with the divine to offer support and guidance. I am passionate about connection through energy, education, and the healing arts. I am also passionate about equal human rights, animal rights, and sustainability practices.
I believe that our body and the planet hold innate wisdom and that connecting to that wisdom is an essential step in achieving optimal health and vitality! I love music, flow arts, animals, being in nature and anything metaphysical.
Thank you for being here. Big love and blessings!