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Chakra Sugars: A Kiss for Your Kundalini

Sugar body scrubs meant to cleanse, rejuvenate, and restore each of the chakras.

Ingredients are guaranteed...

USDA organic

Non-gmo project verified

Fair trade certified

All natural colorings

This is the experience you have been waiting for!

Oils chosen specifically for the chakras

ALL of the Chakra Sugars are crystal infused!!

So, this means...


A crystal specific to that chakra is found at the bottom of every jar.

Click here to check out the whole rainbow and find a Kiss For Your Kundalini!

Chakra Sugars


Give the gift that NEVER stops giving!

A gift card to Ivy & Herbs for your favorite person to choose their perfect self-care items.

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Gift Cards

Gemstone Rollerball Oil Scents

Rollerball scent carried in 50/50 MCT coconut oil and grapeseed oil.

Every application is a crystal infused aromatic experience.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or carry-on bag. 

Ingredients are guaranteed...

USDA organic

Non-gmo project verified

Fair trade certified

Click here to see the variety of options we have to offer!

Rollerball Scents


Scrying, predictions, or even just answering simple questions.

Whatever method of use is your flavor, we have the pendulum for you!

From solid metal to rosewood from India, and even raw and polished crystal options.

Click here to check out the full collection of pendulum options we offer and find the one that's right for you!


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Where do you find connection?

The connections that you feel are not coincidence. Find methods for deeper connection to yourself and your connection to the world will grow stronger.

Absorbing Connection Crystal Rollerball Oils

The uniqueness of each product is absolutely mind-blowing.

From the Chakra sugars to the roller balls for on the go they are exquisite gifts from you or for you!

I have replaced my cleaning spray with her wonderful life-changing formulas and have never felt cleaner with such amazing scents.


I ordered a Root Chakra sugar from here and I adored it the moment I opened the box!

It's a perfectly blended scent, (not too heavy and in your face!) and the oil is so smooth on my skin!

Normally I'm not a fan of anything being applied to my skin but this scrub applies so clean and lightweight I can't help but be obsessed.

I've even worn some to bed after brushing the sugar off! (And yes, I slept great!)

I will definitely be ordering again!


I really enjoy using my chakra sugars and rollerball to align myself when I feel off.

The roller balls help especially in public during times of stress or when I am in class and I feel overwhelmed it is a nice and easy way to ground myself and it smells very nice.

The chakra sugars make my skin super smooth and come in a variety of amazing colors and scents and dont burnt my sensitive skin.

Highly recommend the Madagascar sunrise rollerball for crown chakra and the crown chakra sugar scrub <3


I purchased the Cleansing Grace rollerball oil and I am obsessed with it!

I use it daily.

It really helps to keep me present and grounded in my body.

I look forward to buying more blends from Ivy & Herbs!


Everything is so different and incredible, you could never be disappointed in anything you get. I'll be buying more, especially for the holidays!!! 😍😍😍


I ordered a Root Chakra sugar from here!

The tag closing the package comes with a specified mantra and set of instructions for utilizing meditation with the sugar scrub you ordered that is surprisingly very effective.

(If you're new to meditation, you can feel very silly repeating the mantra, but I urge you to really give it a try because it can really help center you after a stressful day!)

I will definitely be ordering again!


My organite and copper pendant from Ivy & Herbs helps me center myself everyday.

It allows my energy to flow better throughout my body when I wear it. I feel more calm and centered.

Plus, the smooth back makes a good place to rub my thumb when I am anxious.


Coming soon! Assorted massage oils!